Medical Research shows the 

Alexander Technique to be of

benefit to chronic and lower

back pain sufferers and is verified by the British Medical Journal.





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The Alexander Technique with Pauline Wake
The Alexander Techniquewith Pauline Wake

History of the Alexander Technique

Frederick Matthias Alexander [know as Alexander or FM] was born prematurely on 20 January 1869 in Tasmania, Australia and as a child suffered with asthma and other respiratory difficulties.  However, as a young man his health improved and he enjoyed reciting Shakespeare and become involved with amateur dramatics.  He soon gained a reputation for being an excellent actor and reciter.


With fame came problems, his voice became hoarse whilst reciting.  On seeking advice from a doctor he was told to rest his voice.  This gave temporary relief but the problem persisted and when he approached the doctor again he asked this question.

"If my voice was perfect at the beginning of my recital yet had deteriorated so much that by the end I could barely speak, is it not fair to conclude that it was something I was doing that evening in using my voice that was the cause of the trouble?" 

As the doctor confirmed that this was a possibility, Alexander determined that he would try to find out for himself.


For the next 5 to 6 years Alexander watched what he was doing by using mirrors and he began to notice subtle differences in the way he used his body when reciting.  By the end of his self examination, Alexander had not only solved his own problems when reciting but he had also cured his respiratory problems.


Alexander was advised to move to England and came to London in 1904 where he taught many prominent people including George Bernard Shaw, Aldous Huxley and Sir Henry Irving to name but a few.  He was finally persuaded to set up a training school and this took place in 1931.  Alexander carried on teaching both in the training school and private pupils until his death in October 1955.


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