Medical Research shows the 

Alexander Technique to be of

benefit to chronic and lower

back pain sufferers and is verified by the British Medical Journal.





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The Alexander Technique with Pauline Wake
The Alexander Techniquewith Pauline Wake

What is the Alexander Technique?

It is the study and development of the 'Use of the Self'

The Alexander Technique is a unique re-education programme for self-development. We have all developed long-standing habits that cause unnecessary tension in everything you do.  It is not an exercise.  It is a re-education of the mind and body which brings about improved freedom of movement, balance, co-ordination and an increase in energy.  


The Alexander technique can be used during simple tasks like getting in and out of a chair, walking, bending, lifting and lying down.  These are tasks that we do regularly everyday and when done badly can cause pain.  However, when learning to apply the Alexander Technique you will experience the freedom and easy in movement which you may not have had for a long time.


Our lives are so busy, we seem to be permanently on call for work, rushing to care for our families and worrying about completing tasks of any nature on time.  Over the years this can lead to mental and physical strain and then before we know it our bodies begin to complain. 


The Alexander Technique teaches you to recognise your habits then to stop and think and then apply your new skills.  It gives you the opportunity to respond in a more efficient way rather than out of habit as you begin to 'live in the moment' rather than 'racing ahead' to the next task.


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