Medical Research shows the 

Alexander Technique to be of

benefit to chronic and lower

back pain sufferers and is verified by the British Medical Journal.





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The Alexander Technique with Pauline Wake
The Alexander Techniquewith Pauline Wake

What is the Alexander Technique?

It is the study and development of the 'Use of the Self'

The Alexander Technique is a unique re-education programme which helps you develop a more balanced poise.  We have all developed habits during our life and the Alexander Technique teaches you to allow change to take place in use during daily activities.


It is not an exercise.  It is a re-education of the mind and body which brings about improved freedom of movement, balance, coordination and an increase in energy.  By learning how to use yourself in a more efficient manner you will discover how to reduce the unnecessary tension that the body holds bringing about an improved posture.


The Alexander Technique can be used during simple activities like sitting and standing, lying down, walking, bending and lifting.  It can also be applied when playing a musical instrument, singing, partaking in sports or gardening.  Whatever your job or hobby the Alexander Technique can be applied. 


The Alexander Technique teaches you to use just the right amount of effort in movement so that you become balanced, poised and coordinated and by using less effort you have more energy. 



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